Undergraduate Senior Thesis Project at FIT

Shades of Love

As a mixed race person I grew up with an innate sense of my otherness. I formed my own unique idea of racial identity from seeing my parents’ considerably distinctive cultures interact. I came up with Shades of Love and have used it as an avenue to gain a better understanding of this part of my identity.

Shades of Love is a long term project aiming to show the diversity of interracial couples. This project’s goal is to bring more representation and challenge common misconceptions about this demographic of relationships. Through having conversations with couples there will be a close look into each partner’s culture(s) and how they interact. Each partner will be asked to write about their companion in the context of their experience of culture.

In addition to the personal and emotional aspect to this project there will also be a more objective look at race. Photographing physical differences will serve as a way to see how the couple is perceived by others. The picture will support the subjects’ writing as well as give an example of their emotional connection to each other.

Each couple will be showcased by their portrait, two letters, and a caption with biographical information. The overall project is envisioned to display a wide range of racial mixes, cultures, ages, and genders.

This page is a work in progress and is being continuously updated.

Sophia and Troy

Garden City, NY

Chinese / Italian, Greek

Sophia and Troy write their notes to each other.

Yency and Andrew

East Northport, NY

Honduran / Greek

Yency and Andrew sitting outside.

Manami and Fred

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawan (Japanese) / American

Manami and Fred showing off their marriage license.

Kierstyn and Kerron

Okinawa, Japan

American / Indian (West Indies)

Kierstyn and Kerron playing a game at the arcade.

Carol and Mike

Hockessin, DE

Guyanese / German, Irish, Lithuanian

Carol and Mike posing with their dogs Hera and Zeus.